Meet The PROS

John J. II

Born: June 25, 1995 - Lansing, MI
Hometown: Flushing, MI
Education: Flushing High School, 
Mott Community College, 
Michigan State University

General Manager

Born: January 31, 1996 - Dallas, TX
Hometown: Flushing, MI
Education: Flushing High School, 
SUNY Erie Community College

Humble Beginnings
John J. & The Beeperman during an episode of ESPN Flex.

"Sportscasting is their lifeblood", a close friend said when speaking on the legacy of John J. II and The Beeperman.

ESPN Flex was born and bred on January 4th, 2011 in the small town of Flushing, MI, with hopes of bringing news and current events to the mainstream while giving a youthful perspective to the wide world of sports. Flex was a starting point. John J., Tony, and others came together after school or on weekends to professionally convey current happenings in sports to a specifically geared audience. Memos were written, scripts were written down on notebook paper, topics were researched and discussed, and when the on-air light went on, it was Friday night, and it was game time. Flex marks an important memory in history to look back on and build from going forward with GIN PROS.