April 11, 2021

Don't wait to register for both the Corona Challenge and the IFOBD Grand Tournament. Registration closes at 11:59 PM on April 15th. 

February 10, 2021

The NFL Season has concluded, meaning the focus has been set on NHL and NBA, be on the lookout for our live streams coming every Monday and Wednesday. Big changes have been made to our livestream, and we'll now be able to stream to our other outlets simultaneously. Reference our LinkTree to find a list of stream sources. Streams will be visible on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope (Twitter). Monday and Wednesday our stream will be posted to both Facebook and Youtube, but Monday(s) our stream will be posted to Periscope, while Wednesday(s) they'll be posted to Twitch.

- On February 9th, the Beeperman (@_CoachBryan) was temporarily banned from twitter after a comment was made directed at NCAA Basketball announcer Dan Dakich. The tweet was hilarious, but unfortunately the tweet violated Twitter's guidelines. In a press release, the Beeperman said, "I put a tweet out in regards to the most hated man in the Midwest, Dan Dakich. The tweet was “I hope Dan Dakich gets hit by a kid on a bike."

Big tech in an issue not only in America, but in the world, and there is one man to blame for this. Dan Dakich. He is big tech. This egregious act will not go unnoticed. Gin Pros. will take proper action against Dan, to make sure this never happens again. And yes, I still hope he gets hit by a kid on a bike."